Our Care Team Members

Meet Our Trusted Team: Caregivers, Employee Care Managers and Client Care Managers

When you become a client of Amazing home care services VA, you do not just get matched with a caregiver, you work with a full team of qualified, experienced care professionals who will ensure the highest standards of care are met throughout the length of service.

A care team comprised of Employee and Client Care Managers will work closely with you and your family members to ensure the perfect caregiver is selected to best suit the needs, interests and preferences of your loved one.

The team is available 24/7 to address any client or family members’ needs or concerns for your total peace of mind.

Employee Care Managers

Employee Care Managers or Staffing Managers are responsible for training, recruiting, scheduling and expertly matching caregivers with clients. They work with Client Care Managers to oversee all aspects of staffing, supervising and coordinating client care.

Client Care Managers and Employee Care Managers are available 24/7 for all clients’ needs. Call Us Today!

Client Care Managers

Client Care Managers oversee clients’ care, ensuring the highest standard of professionalism from all members of the care team are met. He or she works directly with families to make sure clients are happy over the course of our service, perform a comprehensive in-person evaluation and create a care plan that will best serve the needs of the client. Client Care Managers can also coordinate between health care professionals and maintain clear lines of communication to the family.


Our caregivers are highly experienced, thoroughly trained and personally committed to their clients. We offer a robust roster of caregivers with a diversity of experience, skills, personalities and credentials, including CNAs, LVNs and even RNs. We are able to expertly match the right caregiver to each client’s needs and personal preferences. Caregivers are employees of Amazing Home Care services VA. We manage our caregivers’ employment insurance, taxes and workers’ compensation so you don’t have to. As a responsible organization, we also bond and insure our employees and are happy to give you a copy of our certificates of insurance as proof of the various coverage plans, we provide for our caregivers.